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  • The professionals of Kaufman Steinberg LLP

    have helped many of L.A. and Orange County's highest-profile business personalities, families & celebrity clientele.

  • Kaufman Steinberg LLP is one the most respected Family Law firms in California

    Offering decades of Family Law experience from partners Stephen J. Kaufman and Jordon P. Steinberg, Kaufman Steinberg LLP brings tremendous expertise to any matter of Family Law.

  • At Kaufman Steinberg LLP we provide our clients with the highest level of service

    From uncontested settlements to high-asset, multi-state divorces that require the utmost discretion, Kaufman Steinberg LLP takes every single step to plan out and obtain the best possible outcome for our valued clients.

  • Kaufman Steinberg LLP is prepared to litigate thoroughly and aggressively

    While the offices of Kaufman Steinberg LLP try to settle as many of our client's issues as possible without litigating in order to reduce our client's expenses, the best way to achieve this is to always be prepared to litigate. This strategy has historically resulted in giving our clients the strongest possible negotiating position.

  • In need of mediation?

    If you believe that you and your spouse/partner reached, or may reach, an agreement in general, but need assistance in navigating the family law process and reducing your terms to a writing, Kaufman Steinberg can facilitate your matter through the mediation process rather than traditional litigation model. Attorney Stephen J. Kaufman and Jordon P. Steinberg, Managing Partner, can guide you through the emotional waters of dissolution, parentage or other matter through a thoughtful and constructive mediation approach rather than the adversarial litigation process.

Business Valuation Lawyer Laguna Beach

In categorization, most Laguna Beach area businesses fall into either a limited liability or sub S corporation. We at Kaufman Steinberg, LLP know the risks and benefits of these formations and use that business valuation knowledge in tandem with our clients’ long term goals to suggest their best options. With many years of practice, we bring a wealth of human experience to this decision. Upon your company’s formation in the Laguna Beach area, we can help you create sales contracts, employment forms, and other important documentation. We will draft these documents using unambiguous language and with strong business valuation protections for your company.

Here at Kaufman Steinberg, LLP, we do not just move through clients in pursuit of profit. Our reputation in the Laguna Beach area relies on our ability to give necessary support and guidance in a difficult business valuation case. We work with clients from all over the Laguna Beach area and strive to ensure success in their business valuation cases.

At Kaufman Steinberg, LLP, our professional team provides legal services from beginning to end of any Laguna Beach area company’s lifespan. From counseling and appropriately filing paperwork, to creating proper sales confidentiality forms and other necessary contracts, our business valuation lawyers can provide legal guidance in all steps of legitimizing your fledgling company. If you are unfortunately reaching the end of your business’s life in the Laguna Beach area, we can offer a wide range of bankruptcy advice. With many years of experience, we are often able to foresee our clients’ challenges suggest business valuation related solutions that minimize stress later in their life.

Contact our legal professionals at Kaufman Steinberg, LLP today!

We want to see your business flourish in the Laguna Beach area. Therefore, we offer our many years of experience towards ensuring your company’s legal protection and education. Do not let business valuation matters harm your progress. Call us at (949) 757-9000 today.

Kaufman Steinberg, LLP

2020 Main St

Irvine, CA 92614

(949) 757-9000

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